Mian Mohammad Hanif

 AMSUA TRUST HOSPITAL (ATH) was established on November 15, 2008.

The history of (ATH) revolves around a 2 ½ year old boy who suffered from Polio during his childhood (1945) and was handicapped.He belongs to a Village “Hudiara” ,located at Barki Road near Ghowindi Border (Pak-Ind Border), with a poor agricultural background. At that time no medical facility was available in this area and his family also has no access to the city “Lahore” from where they can get the proper treatment. So the treatment was carried out by the local Hakims. The span of treatment under this method was very long, by the passage of time he got some progress but after some time the Hakeem died and he left with no means but to survive on his fate. Now the child’s parents thought that with the passage of time he will get better and they satisfied themselves and wait for the twist of fortune.   

Due to disability the boy was unable to do farming so therefore his father decided to send him to the nearby school so that at least he should get some basic education. The teachers found some talent in him and loved him as he was intelligent. In 1958 he passed his middle class examination in first division. His parents were not able to afford further education. Meanwhile, a school teacher advised the child’s parent to sale one buffalo to enable the child to continue his further education but don’t compromise his future life, then his father able to get his admission in a high school which was 4 miles away from his home. At the mid of that year the boy developed Scoliosis due to problem in his spinal cord, which progressed to Hunchback. Now the boy compelled his parents to get proper treatment as this stage was very painful for him but his parents replied that, “My son, our financial condition don’t allow to get this treatment now however, we may get it after your passing of Matriculation. The treatment of Scoliosis was postponed till passing his Matric exam in 1960.

Now his parents started to get admission in Mayo Hospital, Lahore where he admitted in 1961 after continuing struggle and efforts, where he was operated on both feet for lower limb deformity caused by Polio. These operations helped him to walk with support but the Scoliosis and Spinal Cord Surgery was postponed by the surgeons due to lengthy treatment and also the doctors don’t want to treat there.

Now he started to find job, so that he can earn some money for his treatment and later on he got locum job of a junior clerk in the West Pakistan Transport Board Lahore, which couldn’t be continued more than three years due to downsizing in the Transport Department. These circumstances compelled him to open a small shop in the village to survive. For Scoliosis treatment a Plaster Jacket was advised for one year by doctors in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Again a job of senior clerk was offered in the transport department, which continued till 1965 with many ups & down.This process was very painful but without any improvement in the Scoliosis and Spinal Vertebral defect he was disappointed from the physicians in Pakistan and started struggle to get treatment from the foreign country. He started to write letter to health ministries of different countries along with mentioning his previous history. After a lot of correspondence with Health Ministries of various countries the USA Health department advised him to go to Hong Kong for the required Specialized Spine treatment.

After a lot of struggle he went to Hong Kong in 1972 and an admission was arranged in the Queen Mary Hospital Hong Kong where he remained admitted for 1 year and 2 months and eight major operations were performed on the spinal cord followed by Plaster Jacket for 6 months. He got some satisfaction through treatment and simultaneously by the grace of God (Almighty) a job was offered in the Hong Kong at Pakistani Consulate which continued for 5 years till 1978. Rich experience at the embassy helped him to start his own Trading Business. After that he opened a trading company with the name of AMSUA TRADING CO, the abbreviation of which is (A-ALLAH, M-MUHAMMAD, S-SIDDIQUE AKBAR, U-USMAN & UMAR, A-Ali). As the business was newly started and there were no sufficient funds available, so he faced difficulties in the start for 2 years. Later on it flourished by the blessings of God, which later on expanded to AMSUA GROUP and helped him to make a Fortune. This business expended worldwide. When God gifted him spacious resources then in 2008 he thought to return the God in the form of helping the community of his area through the form of Hospital. Then this boy kept the foundation of AMSUA TRUST®. From 2008-2016 this Clinic type setup converted to 80 Bedded hospital. Up till now this Hospital was solely funded by this person (Mian Mohammad Hanif) but now this hospital awaits the charity from generous people of the world so that it can stand for long time to come.

May God help Mian Mohammad Hanif to be successful in his Mission!