Mian Mohammad Hanif


We all are passing through a very short and unpredictable life. Some of us have been bestowed with plenty of wealth and luxury life and some are deprived off such life totally. Some belongs to middle class neither rich nor poor. Some of us who are rich they are amassing wealth by illicit means and they are never satisfied what they amassed and still carry on their adopted way. There is no hope that they can think of about those who are unprivileged. The other class is that who amassed wealth by legitimate way. They are the peoples who think about the poor peoples who are deprived off fully or partially and facing difficulties to meet both ends of their families and they help them whole heartedly. On the other hand the middle class people some of them can only meet their daily expenses and those who have excess also help the poor living in their vicinity and relatives.

Allah says in Quran “Give him KarzeHassna” and He will return it to you increasing by many folds, some in this World and more in the next World and this message has been repeated again and again in the Quran. Why repeated again and again because he knows the nature of human as he forgets very soon. Do you think this is a more profitable business as no business can generate such huge profit? Of course you will agree with me there is no business like this. Then why not we all jointly invest in this business for our benefit here and there after by following Allah's advice?  In this way we will be supporting the needy peoples so they can have also a good life. Today we are in this position and tomorrow Allah can bless them like us and then surely they will do the same what we are doing now. You have read my brief history, one day I was also disabled and poor boy and then Allah blessed me and since then I am following Allah's orders. Allah is giving me more and more.

I have built and equipped this modern hospital named AMSUA TRUST HOSPITAL alone in a remote area where there is no government facility and even no other Charity Organization have dare to provide such facility. We all understand that such organizations are not possible to run by a single person unless we all put our hands jointly to make this Hospital a unique example for others to follow our pattern. THEREFORE, I INVITE ALL OF YOU TO JOIN ME TO RUN THE SHOW for the benefit of unprivileged peoples. Allah surely will give us reward here and thereafter.

Mian Mohammad Hanif,